Challenging times seem to draw near for wind development in Mexico, but the sector’s future potential is only increasing.
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Regardless of a murky short-term view, wind energy will undoubtedly take off in the future.
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Mexico has lost its prominent position in wind energy and dropping investment shows a difficult trend to break.
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FDI in Mexico grew significantly compared to last year, but experts warn that the outlook is not entirely as sunny as this figure would suggest.
Wind Investment
Weekly Roundups
A wind energy investment crash, a legal dispute and Q1 earnings are among this week’s top stories.
Julio Valle, AMDEE
View from the Top
Julio Valle
Deputy Director
Julio Valle explains AMDEE's efforts to safeguard the wind sector against the large changes that are occuring.
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This new platform aims to promote the benefits of renewable energy in Mexico, from low electricity costs to a better quality of life.
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Long-term contracts signed with players such as Iberdrola, Acciona and Grupo Cobra, located in Oaxaca, will be renegotiated with CFE.
Wind technologies represented 6.1 percent of total installed capacity in 2018.
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