Value-Based Healthcare: Industry Endgame
Moving the focus of healthcare from sickness treatment to sustained health demands disruption and structural change.
Women’s Healthcare Falls Behind
Women’s healthcare has been neglected in Mexico. The country would have to invest at least 5 percent of its GDP to close this gap.
Cristóbal Thompson Executive Director of AMIIF
View from the Top
Cristóbal Thompson
Executive Director
As a representative of innovation in pharma, AMIIF has been a leader in responding to the needs stemming from the COVID-19 crisis.
News Article
Yet another change in the Mexican healthcare sector amid a sanitary emergency. This time, it is COFEPRIS’ turn.
View from the Top
Deyanira Chiñas
The National College of Pharmaceutical Biologists Mexico (CNQFBM)
The president of the National College of Pharmaceutical Biologists discusses the contributions these professionals are making in Mexico.
How to Address Mental Health Amid COVID-19?
A global pandemic has demonstrated that we can all be a support for other. Here is how to take care of mental health for you and those around you.
Mexico’s Participation In Sanofi’s COVID-19 Vaccine Trial
News Article
The Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed that Mexico will join Phase 3 of trials on Sanofi’s COVID-19 vaccine.
News Article
What does this decision mean for the local pharmaceutical industry and how are its representatives responding?
A United Response From The Healthcare Industry In Mexico
News Article
From the frontline of the pandemic to the vaccine race, the healthcare industry in Mexico has worked nonstop over these past months.
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