Deyanira Chiñas Ramírez
Expert Contributor
Deyanira Chiñas Ramírez
Commercial Director
T5DC .
The Mexican pharma industry has not remained ‘asleep’ in the face of exclusions and bad decisions made by the government, writes Deyanira Chiñas.
News Article
Yet another change in the Mexican healthcare sector amid a sanitary emergency. This time, it is COFEPRIS’ turn.
Rough Start For The Well-Intentioned Insabi
Seven months in, INSABI has faced many challenges besides COVID-19. Here are some facts about the government’s venture toward universal healthcare.
News Article
What does this decision mean for the local pharmaceutical industry and how are its representatives responding?
Weekly Roundups
As COVID-19 cases pile up, a growing number of researchers warn of the dangers of airborne transmission.
View from the Top
Cecilia Bravo
President of ANFAM Cecilia Bravo explains the current challenges of medicine manufactures and the Association's work to overcome them
95 percent of medicines manufactured in Mexico are generics
Analysis chart Generics
Generics are always an attractive alternative for those who need medication at accessible prices, be they individuals or healthcare systems.
Ciro García
Ciro García
Ciro García
Director General
Accelerium Clinical Research

Mexico has strong potential to become a clinical research leader worldwide. We have all the elements, such as population, disease profile, ensemble of trained investigators and the local representation of the international bio-pharmaceutical and CRO industries, as well as the support of COFEPRIS and the most recognized agencies worldwide. However, we need to assimilate all the elements together in the most synergistic manner to significantly elevate the total number of the active trials in the coming years. Research sites should orient their activities to quality and performance to attract more research projects. Mexico accounts for less than 1 percent of all clinical research worldwide, a very low rate compared to other countries.

Mexico Health Review spoke with three CROs about the best strategies that can help Mexico become an international hub for clinical research.
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