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Miguel Elizalde - ANPACT
View from the Top
Miguel Elizalde
The heavy-vehicle sector has successfully adopted USMCA’s new rules of origin and transformed the industry. Learn more here.
Truck on highway
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Miguel Elizalde, President of ANPACT, warned about the negative environmental impact caused by used heavy vehicles.
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Stakeholders and the Mexican senate are developing a new general law for mobility and road safety.
Jalisco Transporte Electrico
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Jalisco inaugurates its first fully electric bus line as part of the state’s sustainability goals.
Zetong Li
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Insufficient ultra-low sulfur diesel threatens heavy vehicle sector, industry leaders say
Read the industry leaders’ perspective on the influence of last Sunday’s election results on the automotive and aerospace sectors.
Freight Truck - Josiah Farrow
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Mexico's heavy vehicle market is prioritizing the reduction of its environmental impact
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
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Leaders from ANPACT and AMDA call on authorities to review NOM-044
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