Weekly Roundups
Miners with operations in Mexico are taking steps to minimize COVID-19 risks. Check out our weekly roundup!
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Doug Ramshaw
Minera Alamos
Minera Alamos is an advanced-stage exploration and development company with a growing portfolio of high-quality Mexican assets, including the La…
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Peter Dougherty
President and CEO
Argonaut Gold
Argonaut Gold is a Canadian gold company engaged in exploration, mine development and production activities. Its primary assets are the production-…
In 1H19 the 10 largest mines produced 964,419 oz of gold
Mexico is among the world’s gold champions. Even when Mexican gold production fell 6.7 percent in 2018 with respect to the previous year.
Gold prices reached a six-year high in 2019, spurred by geopolitical uncertainty and a global economic slowdown. While one of the largest mines in…
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Kenneth MacLeod
President, Ceo And Director
Sonoro Metals
Sonoro Metals is a gold and silver mineral exploration company with a portfolio of exploration-stage properties in the jurisdiction of Sonora, Mexico…
Mexico's main Gold Mines
The combination of higher revenues, more efficient operations and attractive projects for sale have allowed the M&A market to blossom throughout…
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