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Alejandro Calderón
Director General
Calderón Autopartes
Mexico's over 5 million motorcycles are an attractive market for auto parts, says Oscar Calderón, Director General of Calderón Autopartes.
Ben Brucato
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Ben Brucato
Vice President of Engagement
Despite fluctuating gas prices and challenging industry conditions, the aftermarket continues to grow steadily, says AASA’s Ben Brucato.
Francisco N Gonzalez
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Francisco N. González
Executive President
Auto parts production is increasingly sensitive to the availability of raw materials, leading the sector to embrace emerging technologies, says INA.
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Juan Antonio García
Strategic Planner
Abastecedora de Productos Automotrices
Mexico’s dependence on oil will delay its transition to electromobility, says Abastecedora de Productos Automotrices’ (APA) Juan García.
Gino Demeneghi
Expert Contributor
Gino Demeneghi
Business Center Director
Mexico Pavilion at the World Expo Dubai 2020
India today offers Mexico the opportunity to generate a commercial duo that could be key to the industry of the country, writes Gino Demeneghi.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
The USMCA is boosting the growth of the auto part market and has been used to address potential labor rights violations.
News Article
Despite the limited vehicle manufacturing, a large number of auto parts are being produced in Mexico.
Auto parts
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Mexico is now the fourth auto parts producer in the world.
Los Arcos, Queretaro
News Article
The automotive industry attracted US$1.6 billion in FDI and created over 21,000 jobs during the past six years.
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