Los Arcos, Queretaro
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The automotive industry attracted US$1.6 billion in FDI and created over 21,000 jobs during the past six years.
Nora Guerra
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Nora Guerra
Nora Guerra, President of Omni-X Mexico, discusses the strategies the company took to overcome the pandemic and how it is preparing for the future.
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The German company announced that it will increase its investments in Mexico by 15 percent. What are these investments for?
MJS Manufacturing - Martin Jaime
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Martín Jaime
Director General
MJS Manufacturers
The global COVID-19 crisis could be an excellent opportunity for the aftermarket. With vehicle sales halted, the need for spare parts will grow.
The Week in Automotive
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Do not miss key sales results by major automakers in the world and the role of Mexican auto parts in US imports.
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Mexican auto parts play a huge role in American imports and the new USMCA could come with growth in Mexico’s industry.
GiPA - Oscar Balcázar
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Óscar Balcázar
Director America Region
According to GiPA’s Director for Americas Region, the value of the aftermarket should decrease between 15 to 20 percent in 2020 due to the pandemic.
US manufacturing has gradually moved to southern states, affecting Canada
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In 2019, Mexico contributed 36.2 percent compared to the 34.3 percent the previous year. Canada’s share fell from 16 to 15.8 percent.
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Vehicle production and auto part manufacturing were among the Top 3 economic activities in terms of FDI in 2019.
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