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The third-largest bank in Mexico announced that it will leave the country.
Diego Villarreal
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Diego Villarreal
Castor’s access-on-demand services are built around giving employees the ability to meet daily expenses, save for the future, CEO Diego Villarreal.
A group of factory workers running machines.
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The expedited adoption of technology and automatization has benefits for established and new companies alike, say experts.
Ana Muñoz.
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Ana Muñoz
Commercial Director
Rama Mantenimiento
Ana Muñoz talks about the importance of building trust with mining companies, and how it opens opportunities to offering new technologies.
Jorge Cristerna
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Jorge Luis Cristerna Medina
Operations Manager
Jorge Cristerna talks about the challenges that the automation business faces, as well as the benefits that new technologies offer.
MBF 2018
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Mexico Business Forum 2018: From Maquila to Data panel highlights
Itziar Larrañaga
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Itziar Larrañaga
Director General
Aeroprocess TTT
Aeroprocess TTT’s entrance into Mexico, specifically Queretaro, was based on the state’s proximity to our customers.
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