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Iván Palomera
Multinational digital agency shares information about the changes taking place in the digital sales space and what can be expected
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The founder of the Mexican company BrandMe was recognized by MIT thanks to its value proposition in marketing based on Big Data.
Fernanda Cantú, of Manzara
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Fernanda Cantú
Director General
Manzara works with data and transforms it into actions to improve problems and address areas of opportunity within companies.
Ivan Pech Escalante of Datateam Consulting
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Ivan Pech Escalante
Datateam Consulting
Company executives should be able to generate a clear picture of their company's status immediately.
Miguel López, Regional Director of Rockwell Automation
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Miguel López
Regional Director
Rockwell Automation
Regional Director Miguel López explains how the company provides enhanced integrated automation to an industry focused on cost effectiveness.
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