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BlackRock's Global Outlook calls for a new investment playbook for 2023 that involves more frequent portfolio changes and granular views.
Álvaro Vertiz, COO, BlackRock Mexico
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Álvaro Vertiz
BlackRock Mexico
There is a taboo regarding finance but every day that people are not investing, they are losing money, says Álvaro Vertiz.
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BlackRock deployed an investigation team in Mexico to search for possible investments in infrastructure and clean energy projects.
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Mexico’s CCE warned that the anti-inflationary plan poses risks for businesses and consumers. This and more in the week in finance.
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Inflation could soon reach new highs, while consumers spend less. What does this mean for Mexico?
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A global recession is likely inevitable and with it comes a choice: grow the economy or lower inflation.
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Weekly Roundups
The World Bank indicated that the world economies could soon face a global recession. This and more in the weekly roundup.
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A strong market volatility and growing inflation could lead to a period of stagflation for both countries, according to investment firm BlackRock.
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The European Central Bank modified policies to reach the 2 percent inflation target.
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