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Weekly Roundups
The third-largest bank in Mexico announced that it will leave the country.
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The country has already covered more than half of its external financing needs for 2022, according to Bloomberg.
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Weekly Roundups
INEGI and SHCP report an increase in business confidence and a well-developed financing strategy, respectively.
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Mexico introduced two new bond operations in dollars, reported SHCP.
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Weekly Roundups
This week, Konfio became the newest Mexican company to reach a US$1 billion valuation, while Banxico unveiled new bills and coins to commemorate.
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SHCP placed the new MBONO, worth MX$12.5 billion (US$621 million), at a fixed rate for 5 years.
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INEGI’s figures show a decrease in investment compared to last year.
Green bonds
Mexico recently made a world first by issuing a UN goals-aligned green bond. But how do investors know where their money will go?
Roberto Ballinez
View from the Top
Roberto Ballinez
Senior Executive Director of Public Finances/Infrastructure
HR Ratings
HR Ratings' Roberto Ballinez discusses why ESG bonds' stability and sustainability should see their presence grow in Mexico.
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