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The suspension of the Title 42 policy will increase the arrival of asylum seekers and migrants to the US, at a time when shelters are already full.
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Mexico and the US reached a bilateral agreement to modernize their shared border in 2022.
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The Mexico-US border is going green, Tequila remains “unshakeable” and Southeast Mexico gains traction for real estate developers.
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US government officials along with economists, CEOs and Mexican bankers stressed the need for “green” border-region infrastructure.
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Migration to the US has increased exponentially due to the US economic recovery and the crisis caused by the pandemic.
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Highlights: 234 candidates have been attacked or threatened ahead of upcoming elections. Mexico posts GDP growth of 0.4 percent in 1Q21…
immigrants hold the US flag
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The Biden administration is reviewing the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program and migrants are now starting to enter the US.
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CFE International requested to transmit electricity from the US to Mexico. However, this depends on environmental and supply evaluations.
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