A Dangerous Mix For Cancer Patients
Inequality and reallocation of resources have put many cancer patients against the wall during the COVID-19 crisis.
Mexico Awaits COVID-19 Vaccine as It Reaches 1 Million Cases
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A COVID-19 vaccine seems to be nearer! Find out which developments are heading the race.
Global Decrease of COVID-19 New Cases and Deaths
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After months of registering new cases of COVID-19, the world has finally seen a reduction in contagion figures.
Cancer, being the third leading cause of death in Mexico, reflects society’s poor health habits and the heavy burden for the public health budget.
Sandra Sanchez-Oldenhage, Regional General Manager of the NoLA Region Novartis Oncology
Expert Contributor
Sandra Sánchez-Oldenhage
Regional General Manager of the NoLA Region
Novartis Oncology
Managing cancer and cancer patients during the pandemic poses a variety of unique circumstances and issues for patients, caregivers and oncologists.
MHS 2018
News Article
Mexico Health Summit 2018: Prevention, the Guardian Angel of Health presentation highlights
Abelardo Meneses
View from the Top
Abelardo Meneses
National Institute of Cancer (INCan)
For years, INCan had sought the creation of a national cancer registry to record each new cancer diagnosis.
Carlos Ortiz
News Article
Carlos Ortiz
Chief of Surgical Pathology
ABC Medical Center
One in 10 cancer-related deaths in Mexican women is caused by cervical cancer (CC), which kills 11 women every day.
The main causes of death in Mexico have evolved over the past 90 years, transitioning from infectious diseases to chronic conditions.
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