Industry and bad air quality
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Industry development, urban city planning and gentrification are the keys to understand the problem that bad air quality represents.
A Dangerous Mix For Cancer Patients
Inequality and reallocation of resources have put many cancer patients against the wall during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Sharing information can help diagnose or prevent the progression of this disease.
Philippe Fournet-Fayard
Expert Contributor
Philippe Fournet-Fayard
Eolis América Latina
Biosafety as known in the industry provides indications on how to behave in the face of situations that can be a virus transmission risk.
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WHO reports that smokers are likely to have more a serious response if infected with COVID-19.
Cleaning Staff
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Even though authorities have issued recommendations for people to stay at home, for people offering cleaning services that is not an option.
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Around the world approximately 5 percent of people infected with COVID-19 develop serious illness
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