National Cancer Institute on Unsplash
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Genome research reveals patterns to facilitate the identification of cancer causes and treatments.
Warren Umoh on Unsplash
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After more than a decade, scientists completed the remaining 8 percent of the human genome.
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A promising discovery could improve treatment of multiple sclerosis.
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Marlene Llópiz
CRO Mexicana
Despite growth in other markets, Mexico remains an interesting destination for the pharmaceutical industry, says CRO Mexicana’s Marlene Llópiz.
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Cecilia Padierna
Director of New Business Development
LEI sees an opportunity to drive forward innovation and strengthen local supply following the pandemic.
 CoWomen on Unsplash
Equality at the workplace is still a long road ahead. However, Mexico does have outstanding female leaders in the health sector.
Cecilia Moreno Director Clinical Management of PPD
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Cecilia Moreno
Director of Clinical Management
With its vast industry knowledge, PPD is encouraging clinical research on epidemiological and rare diseases in Mexico.
Patricia Zurita Operations Manager at CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services
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Patricia Zurita
Operations Manager
CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services
Thanks to its expertise in the sector, CTI can support companies from early development stages to larger product positioning.
Yoloxóchitl Macías Health Area Manager at ANCE
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Yoloxóchitl Macías
Health Area Manager
With the goal to expand in all sectors, ANCE is focused on being the first Mexican laboratory with the infrastructure required to perform it.
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