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These blockades have primarily affected the automotive industry becoming a source of uncertainty for foreign trade, affecting new investments.
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“Viaja Seguro” aims to reactivate Mexico´s travel industry.
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The National Tourism Business Council (CNET) appealed to the Tourism Commissions of the Mexican Chamber to revive the sector and attract capital
Health Promotion head Ricardo Cortés reported on the communication strategy.
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Ministry of Health reports 10,057 active infections and 2,409 new confirmed positive cases. López-Gatell warns people not to rush into public spaces
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Public and private sectors are discussing accommodating medical personnel in private hotels to avoid COVID-19 contamination spikes.
recent government decisions have put the country's tourism attractiveness at risk. Private investors call for continuity and clarity in the way…
Year after year, more people are seduced by Mexico's breathtaking destinations thanks to strong promotion efforts.
Pablo Azcárraga
View from the Top
Pablo Azcárraga
National Tourism Business Council (CNET)
CNET is made up of 13 national chambers and associations of of private institutitons that represent the entire tourism sector.
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Mexico Business Forum 2018: Evolving Beyond Mere Fun in Acapulco panel highlights
John McCarthy
John McCarthy
Founding Partner and Principal
Leisure Partners

Leisure is part of IADG, a conglomerate that seeks to expand a hotel franchise into Central America and a part of Mexico. Being part of this group and partnering with Grupo Portales gives us the ability to develop our franchise. We have committed to develop 10 hotels in Central America and part of the Yucatan Peninsula within the next five years. Expanding into a market where it is much less expensive to build is an exciting opportunity. A resort usually costs about US$100 million while the ones planned in this project require between US$6-8 million each. The idea is to find local partners that are willing to provide land and equity. Most of the supplies will come from Mexico and we plan to use financial institutions like the World Bank as one of our capital sources. All these projects will be challenging but this market certainly presents many areas of opportunity.

MISR asked the main players in the tourism industry about the main challenges the industry faces and how it overcomes them.
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