Weekly Roundups
COVID-19 deals heavy blow to the solar energy industry. Check out our weekly roundup!
by Dalia Maria de León
Alejandro López-Velarde’s experiences defending PEMEX greatly inform his outlook on the NOC’s best path to the future.
Weekly Roundups
President López Obrador works on proper medicine supply for all but shortages still arise. Read more about this week’s news on our weekly roundup!
by Miriam Bello
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Neus Peniche
Former Commissioner
Neus Peniche has 18 years of experience as a public servant in the Ministries of Energy and Finance, the Fiscal Prosecutor’s Office...
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Claudio Rodríguez
Head Of Mexico City Office
Thompson & Knight
Thompson & Knight is a US-based law firm that is expert in energy finance, taxation, business transactions and litigation, with a century-old…
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Montserrat Ramiro
Montserrat Ramiro has served as CRE Commissioner. Previously, she worked at the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, PMI International Trade ...
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Guillermo García
President Commissioner
Guillermo García has served as President Commissioner of CRE since April 2016.
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Angélica Nava
CLG Abogados
CLG Abogados offers consultancy services, representation before the government as well as analysis, evaluation and advice on business opportunities
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Miguel Peláez
Director General For The General Direction Of Civil Aviation (Dgac)
DGAC is a division of SCT that regulates all airlines, airports, private aircraft and drones. Its goal is to make aviation an efficient mobility…
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