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Agustin Azcatl
IP and Regulation Leader
Ortiz & Ramírez Abogados
Through an intense knowledge of the health industry, Ortiz & Ramirez Abogados has identified core opportunities for diverse companies of the…
Johnson & Johnson Joins Competitors on Phase 3 Covid-19 Vaccine
Weekly Roundups
As COVID-19 vaccine developments move forward, so does Mexico on finding access to such cure.
Santiago Fernandez, AXA, AXA Mexico
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Santiago Fernández
Executive Vice President of Vehicles, P&C and Health
AXA Mexico
The automotive insurance sector has battled with months of lockdowns. What are AXA's strategies to overcome this?
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Josué Garza
Director of Business Development and Operations
Insumos para la Salud
IPS guides foreign medical devices companies to properly target the Mexican market. Its regulatory knowledge has been key to its clients’ success.
francisco ruiz galvan asispet
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Francisco Ruiz Galvan
"We would like to see more private operators to include them as part of our growing portfolio."
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Marcos Pascual
Commercial Director
Pharmacies need to ensure a safe environment and diagnosis of a patient, especially in a COVID-19 scenario where patients cannot go to hospitals.
A New Challenge for Pharmacies
Mexico changed the role of pharmacies when, by law, a medical consultation was needed to purchase medicine
Laboratorios Medicos Polanco_IMG_2019_Mario Sicilia
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Mario Sicilia
Director General
Laboratorio Médico Polanco
Transforming initiatives to action, Laboratorio Médico Polanco has had an active role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yolanda Aguirre
Expert Contributor
Yolanda Aguirre
Life Sciences Executive Doctor of the Litigation Department
New uses to the concept of innovation open opportunities for industrial applications within the New Mexican IP Law
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