Alvaro Villar
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Álvaro Villar
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The pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about office space in a new way. Companies that do it right, will have a clear advantage.
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Mexico’s northern neighbors take different approaches to travel restrictions. Canada’s Government relaxes theirs thanks to vaccination campaigns.
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The latest economic forecast for 3Q2021 predicts progress, but experts remain dubious of the impact of COVID-19.
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WHO urged states to continue implementing a risk-based approach to guarantee safe travel and protect the rights of international travelers.
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Highlights: Young and unvaccinated people are the most infected in the third wave of COVID-19. Government announces the purchase of cancer drugs ...
Child using face mask
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Mexico is seeing a rapid increase in cases, returning to contagion rates similar to February, but now the younger population is the one getting sick.
Nuevo Leon
Nuevo Leon is a powerful state in terms of manufacturing. What can it do for Mexico´s aerospace sector?
Commute CDMX
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Some employees are dreading a return to the nine to five work model; a hybrid model offers the best of both worlds.
Coronavirus tiles
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PAHO warns about the increase in COVID-19 cases, which are mainly concentrated in Mexico City, Baja California and Yucatan.
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