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Highlights: SSPC presents plan to protect candidates in elections, which will be voluntary. NAIM controversy could have been planned from below.
Romain Bordenave, Grupo IRENA
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Romain Bordenave
Executive Director and Partner
Security in Mexico is getting worse. It is essential for companies to take steps to prevent and prepare for potential situations
Olga Sánchez
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AMLO could return to work with clearance from health authorities. Encinas to meet with members of the Triqui community to reach a solution.
palacio de hierro
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Decisive actions are being taken in the retail sector to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19.
roseanne franco
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RoseAnne Franco
Former Head of Oil and Gas Risk
Verisk Maplecroft
Companies like Verisk Maplecroft can simplify the seemingly insurmountable task of assessing operational risk in Mexico.
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