Javier García
Expert Contributor
Javier García
Managing Partner
Clever BoD
https://www.linkedin.com/in/javier-garc%C3%ADa-hinojosa- 84595122
In a family-run company, two connected universes must operate in tandem: the personal and the corporate. Javier García discusses how to achieve that.
Manuel Acosta, Country Manager, Hillstone Networks
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Manuel Acosta
Country Manager
Hillstone Networks
Understanding the repetitive behavior of threats is key to building resilient, secure digital infrastructures, says Hillstone Networks' Manuel…
Marcos Razon
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Marcos Razon
SVP General Manager and Global Head of Lifecycle Services.
Circular economy practices and resilience are driving HP’s efforts, says Marcos Razon, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Latam at HP.
MBF-2022Echo-Data Management: Privacy, Security and Resiliency Priorities
News Article
The technological advances of the last two decades have made data the new jewel in the crown for companies, but also brought new threats.
Mexico’s Cybersecurity Legislation is Trailing 15 Years Behind
Weekly Roundups
The nation’s stagnant cybersecurity legislation is incentivizing cyberextortions and organized crime, said Vestiga Consultores.
Julio Velázquez, Director, Google Cloud Mexico
News Article
The business decisions of today will choose market winners, according to Google.
Honeywell Building Technologies
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Sergio González
Vice President and General Manager Honeywell Building Technologies (HBT)
Honeywell Latin America
Through digitalization and optimization, smart buildings create the foundations for smart cities, says Honeywell’s Sergio González.
Connectivity: Both Opportunity and Pain Point
Weekly Roundups
Greater internet broadband and wireless connectivity underlies the digital transformation.
Image by Afra32 from Pixabay
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Santander and Forgepoint Capital will provide capital for cybersecurity businesses in Latin America and other regions.
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