Hectór Cobo
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Héctor Cobo
Vice President
SAS Mexico, Caribbean and Central America
SAS is assisting e-commerce companies in better inventory management, as well as realtime client profiling.
Santiago Cardona
Expert Contributor
Santiago Cardona
Intel Mexico
Rethinking your business and your business relationships can equip you with the creativity needed to excel your performance in the global marketplace
Data analytics
News Article
Do you have a plan to address the massive gap in data analytics and AI skills?
Digital transformation illustration
News Article
In Mexico, particularly during economic hardship, technology service companies need to convince clients of the need for new tech with creativity.
Alexis Langagne
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Alexis Langagne
Managing Director for North Latin America
Safe sanitary offices will require new tech.
Data analytics imagery
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Carlos Hernández
Director General
Mexico BigData
The public sector reinvents itself every six years, which makes things harder. Our company has built databases keeping consistency over time.
Fernanda Cantú, of Manzara
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Fernanda Cantú
Director General
Manzara works with data and transforms it into actions to improve problems and address areas of opportunity within companies.
Carlos Naupari of Fligoo
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Carlos Naupari
Executive Vice President
Fligoo uses advanced analytics to predict consumer behavior and optimize commercial strategies
José Diaz Barriga of Ingeniosi
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José Diaz Barriga
Co-founder and CEO
How is data analytics revolutionizing headhunting methods?
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