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Massiel Nunez
Director of Americas
FrontierView’s insights offer tailored solutions for its clients thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of macroeconomics and specific industries.
Julio Velazquez, Google Cloud
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Julio Velázquez
Managing Director
Google Cloud Mexico
The amount of data that companies generate is increasing, but it is scattered. Google Cloud helps find, analyze and mine it to make better decisions
Guillermo Ruiz
Startup Contributor
Guillermo Ruiz Ayllón
Customer behavior is now affected by data more than ever and the discipline will evolve faster thanks to technology like AI or deep learning.
Anahi Flores, IronHack
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Anahí Flores
Campus Manager
As companies embrace digital transformation, their search for skilled staff intensifies. Ironhack trains those looking to join the tech sphere
Antonia Salvas
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Antonia Salvas
Vice President of Operations
Centric Mining Systems
Centric Mining Systems' VP of Operations Antonia Salvas explains how the company are spearheading the digitalization of mining with incredible…
Amaury Fierro
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Amaury Fierro
OSINT Latinoamérica
OSINT Latinoamérica provides intelligence to companies, and also offers training in intelligence gathering.
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Mario Muniz
Regional General Manager for North Latin America
A standardized public-private data system and regulation are necessary to fully explore the potential of AI and machine learning.
Hectór Cobo
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Héctor Cobo
Vice President
SAS Mexico, Caribbean and Central America
SAS is assisting e-commerce companies in better inventory management, as well as realtime client profiling.
Santiago Cardona
Expert Contributor
Santiago Cardona
Intel Mexico
Rethinking your business and your business relationships can equip you with the creativity needed to excel your performance in the global marketplace
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