Ethical Hackathon
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BBVA Mexico invites three other countries to participate in its sixth, two-day Hackathon.
Data Supply Chain
Automotive companies are relying on data to advance CASE mobility solutions, thus creating a new branch in the supply chain: data.
Logistics Ports
Data analysis capabilities and nearshoring are among the main elements that drove logistics operations last year.
Automotive Tech Trends 2021
News Article
IHS Markit shares its Top 10 tech trends to watch out for in the automotive market.
Staufen - Arturo Medellín
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Arturo Medellín
General Manager
Staufen Americas
Staufen provides advise on lean management while developing the leaders that are to implement them. Read how they deal with bottlenecks.
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Ricardo Rentería
Sales Management Enterprise Lead
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Ricardo Rentería of AWS Mexico, explains how agility, scalability and security makes AWS a successful company in the world’s digital transformation.
Mitsubishi Electric - Victor Fuentes
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Victor Fuentes
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Mexico and Latin America
Mitsubishi Electric has more than 40 years in Mexico. The company is focusing on catering for new automotive segments and industries. Full story here.
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