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Oil companies saw billions evaporate. Meanwhile, Mexico Energy Forum brought industry leaders together. Read more in the weekly roundup!
by Cas Biekmann
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Carlos de María y Campos
Galicia Abogados
Carlos de María y Campos highlights the firm's capabilities in the energy industry.
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Miguel Montañes
Natura EST
“Not all technologies have the same impact. In order to conduct adequate environmental studies, it is necessary to understand each technology”
Only three weeks ago, ASOLMEX reported that the installed capacity of Mexico’s photovoltaic parks increased 62 percent in 2019.
by Ricardo Guzman
Lourival Mendes
Lourival Mendes
“Our first and foremost concern revolves around continued internal improvements in terms of maintenance procedures”
Wind technologies represented 6.1 percent of total installed capacity in 2018.
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Alberto Cuter
General Manager Latin America and Italy
Jinko Solar
Jinko Solar is a China-based PV manufacturer and project developer. It distributes its products, solutions and services
Solar reaped the benefits of low auction prices to leap onto Mexico’s energy stage, making photovoltaic energy generation the most competitive in the…
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Lionel Bony
Regional Director Mexico, Central America And The Caribbean
Neoen is a Paris-based independent power producer specialized in renewable energy. Present in 12 countries, it has consolidated 2GW of capacity in…
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