Odile Cortés
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Odile Cortés
Operations Director
Companies must be more socially responsible, says IntegraRSE’s Odile Cortés, especially after the pandemic.
universal basic income
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The COVID-19 outbreak disproportionally affects the poor. Universal basic income may be a smart way to protect them.
Mónica López
Mónica López
Mónica López
Senior Graphic Designer
Mexico Business

We must remember that as part of the private sector, we are in a privileged position. However, we cannot remain enclosed in our bubble as most women do not enjoy even the basic rights in their labor contract. Mexico remain one of the countries with the largest wage disparity and the least support toward working mothers. Managerial positions are hardly occupied by women and most beneficiaries of loans for investment are still men. We cannot live in a country that does not respect the talent and power of the female population. As women, we must prepare and know our rights when signing a contract and companies have the obligation to grant us this benefit. The biggest impact we could generate in the short term comes from union and sorority, through support among and toward women in the private sector. We must listen and be heard among our colleagues without judgement, teach and learn, which will not only help us as individuals but as a group. We must ditch the belief that women generate conflict among themselves and start creating the mindset that women also build strong and talented teams.

Mexico Business women share their views on how to boost equality and fairness at the workplace to bridge the gender gap.
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An equal world is a better place for everyone and we are committed to do everything in our power to achieve equality.
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