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Armando Rodríguez García
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The merchant marine provides transport and logistics services across 21 states in Mexico and owns a specialized fleet of vessels.
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The NOC increased exports to the North American country but decreased them to Europe and Asia.
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The change will affect some rapid detection tests, smartphones, tobacco and nicotine products and devices, among other products.
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The WTO announced an increase in global exports of intermediate goods.
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Global exports of intermediate goods increased by 21 percent during 4Q21, according to the World Trade Organization.
Supply chain
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Disruptions in global supply chains could worsen in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, reads a report by Bain & Company.
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Mexico’s automotive industry exports increased during Feb. 2022 and the country experienced a surplus in its trade market.
E-Commerce: A Mechanism for Female Empowerment
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Women have found empowerment in an increasingly growing e-commerce market.
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