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SADER and FAO in Mexico reviewed technical and financing proposals to boost Mexico's agricultural industry.
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The stimulus package implemented by the US has increased remittances and manufactured exports.
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Global semiconductor and natural gas shortages and energy interruptions led to a production downfall in Puebla.
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PEMEX increased fuel oil production, characterized by its high pollutant properties, to meet the government’s refining goals.
Sharon Hahn Darlin
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Due to pressure from restaurants and several associations, the government of Mexico City decided to compromise and open up terraces.
Ana Riquelme Executive Director of AMID
View from the Top
Ana Riquelme
Executive Director
The Mexican Association of Innovative Medical Devices Industries (AMID)
The Mexican Association of Innovative Medical Devices Industries (AMID)
With its significant economic impact, the medical devices sector seeks to strengthen its capabilities and improve care
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Mexico is set to participate in FOODEX JAPAN and was one of the countries in SWITCH, both beneficial initiatives for the agribusiness market.
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Review year-on-year sales, production, and exports figures on the Mexican automotive sector. Recovery signs are visible.
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Mexico broke its record in exports for the fifth time in a row. What does this mean for the country’s economic recovery?
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