Operators worldwide are assessing their financial expenditures as they look to protect their position to confront the crisis. Where does Mexico stand?
by Peter Appleby
The collapse of oil prices brings down the Mexican Peso and has a direct impact on PEMEX, private operators and the Mexican economy.
by Jeroen Posma
During the bidding rounds, 64 offshore wells were committed, which is equivalent to 20 percent of all the exploration wells in Mexico’s history, with…
"We want to be able to provide tailor-made solutions to address the diversity of Mexico’s energy mix.”
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Noe Pascacio
Partner and Head of Energy and Infrastructure
BGBG Abogados
BGBG Abogados is a boutique law firm with a team of specialized professionals in the area of energy. With over 14 years of experience, the company…
Pemex´s Second Open Season Takes Aim at Fuel Market Competitiveness
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Toby Spoon
Vice President
Tecma Group
Tecma Energy Services (TES) is the newest division of the Tecma Group, an international support services business and shelter-service provider…
ENI fired the first shot across the country’s oil bows when it successfully drilled and tested the Amoca well in July 2017.
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