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Juan Arellanes, Coordinator, AICES, said that Mexico could take advantage of low Texas gas prices.
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Geopolitical events have reduced the natural gas supply globally. With gas as its main source of energy, Mexico’s energy security faces the fallout.
Gas pipeline
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COFECE denounces harm to free competition in the natural gas market caused by SENER’s new gas distribution strategy.
Natural gas refinery.
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With the US rising prices of natural gas, Mexico struggles with a long-standing subsidy on electricity prices.
Rogelio Ramírez de la O
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The federal government will invest US$1.25 billon to increase teachers salaries / Gas LP prices in Mexico remain below international prices.
Andrés Bayona
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Andrés Bayona
Natural Vehicular Gas Association of Mexico (AMGNV)
The end of a long period of price stability is near, which will force the adoption of reasonably safe purchasing practices through hedging mechanisms.
Oil platform
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Retailers are happy with increasing gas demand while drilling company Valaris has announced bankruptcy. All this and more in The Week in Oil &…
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Less movement leads to falling fuel demand from motorists across Mexico.
Roberto Diaz de Leon
View from the Top
Roberto Diaz de Leon
National President
ONEXPO gives its unique view on the Mexican fuel market, from fuel theft to lower gas prices.
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