Infotainment systems and digital dashboards have emerged as a new profit opportunity for OEMs amid the transition to CASE mobility.
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With new technologies boosting the digital transformation, CIOs and CISOs have had to develop skills that go beyond traditional technology management.
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Toyota remained first, while Honda and Nissan improved their standing. Meanwhile, Stellantis remained in the last place.
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General Motors’ plant in Silao, Guanajuato, signed its first collective labor agreement with a new union, after over 25 years of CTM control.
GM Silao
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Following several hurdles, the Independent Syndicate of National Workers (SINTTIA) and General Motors signed the first collective labor agreement.
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Nissan Mexicana announced a US$700 million investment to strengthen its manufacturing operations. Read this and more in your weekly roundup.
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The companies just launched the Safety View application, which will provide data to achieve road safety goals.
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Vehicle technology is improving, allowing users to personalize their driving experience. This and more in the Week in Automotive.
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The OEM announced that its platform offers EVs more range and speed as it recovers heat waste .
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