Vladimir Ruiz, Fronius
View from the Top
Vladimir Ruiz
SE Director Mexico and Central America
Green hydrogen is a more interesting sustainable solution to attach to hybrid solar than battery storage, says Fronius’ Vladimir Ruiz.
Florencia Vitelleschi, Haldor Topsoe
View from the Top
Florencia Vitelleschi
Country Manager
Haldor Topsoe
Florencia Vitelleschi discusses the company’s development of leading technology for green hydrogen, renewable fuel and green ammonia production.
Leonardo Beltrán
Expert Contributor
Leonardo Beltrán
Board Member of SEforALL and Non-resident Fellow
Institute of the Americas
The productive state enterprise needs to be revamped. Leonardo Beltrán outlines three alternatives to do just that.
Jaime Burguete
Expert Contributor
Jaime Burguete
President and CEO
AES México
Making green hydrogen a vector for the development, storage, distribution and use of energy can help restore environmental balance to the planet.
Weekly Roundups
The electric reform, natural gas storage, acquisitions and new developments are among this week’s top stories.
Mexico is more than just an attractive energy market; it is a potential platform for global activity, too.
Antofagasta, Chile
News Article
The excess of energy in Chile, in addition to the country’s ambitious plans, open the opportunity to export energy to the rest of the world.
Green pasture
News Article
Industry leaders are convinced of Mexico’s potential to become a global protagonist in green hydrogen.
MX: 150 solar and wind plants capable of producing green hydrogen
News Article
In a cooperation agreement both signatories plan to jointly advance green technologies, chiefly green hydrogen in Mexico.
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