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Weekly Roundups
The first general suspension against the LIE since its Supreme Court’s ruling and CFE’s LNG infrastructure deal are among this week’s top stories!
Offshore wind
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While the US presented its recent strategy to boost offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico chose a different route.
Workers maintaining underground oil pipelines.
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Oil spills are as common as they are harmful, and with recent occurrences, it is becoming clear that system to prevent them is lacking.
Offshore oil platform at sunset.
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Experts stress PEMEX’s lack of success, unrealistic goals and the abandonment of deepwater exploration, despite the Gulf of Mexico’s potential.
Offshore oil drilling
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The Italian oil company began shipping oil from the FPSO platform in the Gulf of Mexico and expects further development to follow.
Pollution in river streams
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A community leader from Veracruz is looking to take PEMEX to court for the historical damages that have jeopardized his livelihood.
Gabriel Gomez
View from the Top
Gabriel Gomez
Mexico Country Manager
Murphy Oil Corporation
Murphy Oil Corporation’s Gabriel Gomez discusses the company’s subsalt prospect in Block 5 and how it plans to achieve success there.
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The company has revealed the effect of Hurricane Ida in production at their facilities.
Oil rig
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The multinational company has announced the starting of operation Phase 2 of Expansion at Thunder Horse.
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