Gonzalo Sanchez
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Gonzalo Sánchez
Ethical hacking is often misunderstood, but it is a vital skill for cyberdefense.
Erik Villalpando
Erik Villalpando
Managing Director
wizlynx group
In 2019, wizlynx Mexico organized an ethical hacking competition to attract talent for its company.
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Hacking activity against corporations more than doubled as digital thieves took advantage of weakened security
“Dark Web” for sites unknown by regular internet users who are linked to search engines such as Google.
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Hacker will disclose the NOC’s sensitive information they allegedly have; Tomato producers are also affected by another cyber-attack against SE
SE sensitive information is not considered compromised, the agency reported.
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This was the second high-profile cyber-attack, after hackers demanded US$5 million in bitcoin from PEMEX last November.
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