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Alexandro Arias
Partner and Life Sciences and Healthcare Leader
Interoperability is the next goal for public and private institutions to improve healthcare, says Deloitte’s Alexandro Arias.
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COVID-19 and health played large roles in happiness during 2021.
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Javier Marín
Senior Director Healthcare Americas
LLYC’s Javier Marín discusses how Mexico could integrate global health trends through collaboration and patient-centric models.
Adrián Alcántara
Expert Contributor
Adrián Alcántara
Director General
Doctoralia General
New tools and technologies promise more precise and expansive healthcare, along with greater efficiency, writes Adrián Alcántara.
Mexican Health Summit 2022
Weekly Roundups
Healthcare is currently undergoing one of the most intense transformations of modern times. Learn about it directly from industry insiders.
World Bank Photo Collection
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The lack of proper recognition of nurses has put Mexico in a crisis
Marcelo Leal on Unsplash
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Mexico’s health system has numerous areas to improve and was severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, found the OECD.
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