Uniqlo Store
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The fashion industry is flexing its costs while GlobalData Retail forecasts that the second-hand market will reach a value of US$64 billion by 2024.
GAP Store
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While Mexico City delays the reopening of retail trade, industry giants are adapting to maintain their competitiveness.
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The supermarket giant has partnered with thredUP, a second-hand online sales company, hoping to dominate a market worth US$32 billion in the US.
Sustainability will be the strongest trend in the luxury sector
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According to the Spanish Luxury Association, sustainability will be the strongest trend in the sector in a post-COVID-19 world.
H&M Mexico
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The Swedish retail giant extends the shutdown of all its stores in Mexico until May 30 as it begins to open some of its units in China.
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Retail giants such as Adidas, Inditex and H&M seek to negotiate moratoriums on the rental of their spaces after the losses they suffered in…
John Lackner
John Lackner
Country Sales Manager
H&M Mexico
"H&M’s global campaign for 2020 will transform the way customers view our store."
Consumption is on the rise, but the shopping experience is evolving and retailers increasingly see a need to connect with customers
rodrigo Calderón
View from the Top
Rodrigo Calderón
Director General
Energetika provides energy savings and control solutions. Its energy intelligence solution uses different technologies to achieve operational ...
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