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Jorge Ballesteros
Territory Sales Manager NOLA
WatchGuard Technologies
WatchGuard has developed cybersecurity tech. for 25 years, including end-point security and MFA solutions. Supporting over 80,000 companies worldwide.
Alvaro Villar
Expert Contributor
Álvaro Villar
General Manager
What is that people miss about their workplace? We need to answer that to understand the shift we’re about to see in the role of the office.
Gustavo Linares
Startup Contributor
Gustavo Linares
If you are working from home or have been laid off, reflect on what your dreams are and how that can translate into your next job or career.
News Article
Home office became an emergency measure to keep companies going but now that it seems it is here to stay.
Weekly Roundups
Don’t miss the week’s most important Talent news and analysis. Here’s the Week in Talent!
News Article
Expert contributors and Singapore’s SWITCH event speakers share tips on how to keep a remote workforce motivated and engaged.
pandemic, social media, digital detox
News Article
Digital exhaustion is becoming a more recurrent problem for employees, making digital wellness programs a priority.
Weekly Roundups
The Chamber of Deputies’ Labor Commission has approved the conditions that will regulate remote work and teleworkers in Mexico.
Alejandro Veraza - Cluster San Luis Potosi
View from the Top
Alejandro Veraza
Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosi
Cluster President Alejandro Veraza shares lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and how San Luis Potosi prepared for it.
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