Jorge Ponga
Expert Contributor
Jorge Ponga
Humanologo Consulting
We live in a “liquid world” that moves at a high but uneven speed, alerting us to the big risks that humanity will face in 2021, says Jorge Ponga.
UKG - Gabriel Alvarado
View from the Top
Gabriel Alvarado
VP and General Manager
UKG Latin America
Learn how HR management solutions can easily help companies prevent COVID-19 contagions at their facilities.
News Article
What are some of the things to keep in mind when trying to keep a team motivated?
pandemic, social media, digital detox
News Article
Digital exhaustion is becoming a more recurrent problem for employees, making digital wellness programs a priority.
Human Resources: Availability, Productivity, Health and COVID-19
HR experts give their take on the sudden shift to homeworking, talent gaps and how to fill them, and the reputation of the industry as an employer.
La Pieza,
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Pol Morral Dauvergne
La Pieza
Through artificial intelligence, La Pieza aims to eliminate bias and give everyone in the labor market an equal opportunity
MOGS Panel
News Article
Mexico Oil and Gas Summit’s panelists outline the biggest challenges for HR operations and how to overcome them.
Ximena Sánchez - Mitsubishi
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Ximena Sánchez
Director of Human Resources
Mitsubishi Motors de México
Learn more about Mitsubishi’s HR strategies to face the pandemic while keeping people motivated.
Maite Delgadillo - Scania
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Maite Delgadillo
People Experiences and Services Director
Scania México
Learn more about Scania’s strategies to take care of all the people involved with the brand: customers, suppliers, employees and their families.
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