Luisa Maria Alcalde
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Do not miss the follow up on the USMCA labor complaints, the outsourcing reform and the highlights of ILO's conference.
Delivery worker
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CEPAL and ILO analyzed the labor changes during the pandemic and urged countries to provide better regulatory frameworks for online platform workers.
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Weekly Roundups
The International Labour Organisation warned that the labor market crisis is far from over and losses could only be offset by 2023
Rodrigo Osorio
Expert Contributor
Rodrigo Osorio
Director General
Energy Agency of Puebla
It is imperative to push the social agenda together with the environmental to be able to move forward without leaving anyone behind.
Labor Market
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The labor institution reports that 24 million Mexican employees could lose their jobs or see their wages reduced before the end of 2020.
Construction Man
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Due to their solidary nature, cooperative societies could be a major driver in the country’s economic recovery following COVID-19.
National Institute of Public Health (INSP) surveys head Teresa Shamah in today's briefing.
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Daily increases of 3,571 cases and 266 deaths stand out among the lowest recorded in recent weeks. Ministry of Health reports 37,867 active cases
Gustavo Linares, Founder of TalentHow
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Gustavo Linares
Preparing your CV can be confusing and complex when you don't know how to mold it to communicate your experiences assertively. Here are some…
Mexico City Financial District
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Spending in financial districts will shift to options within residential neighborhoods. Businesses will have to move accordingly
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