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According to the ILO, inclusion need to be further promoted through companies’ hierarchies, following four principles.
Ana López Mestre
Expert Contributor
Ana López Mestre
Executive Vice President and Director General
American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico
Women must be proactive in their professional and personal growth as a matter of personal choice, writes Ana López.
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Despite increasing during the pandemic, productivity decreased again in 2021.
Technology Push Market Demand for More STEM Capabilities
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The ongoing digital transformation continues to demand new tech upskilling and more STEM graduates.
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The international Labor Organization (ILO) projects a troubled 2022 in terms of employment.
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ILO urges countries to rebuild their labor market; Mexican authorities claim COVID-19 did not lead to job losses during Dec. 2021.
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Mexico’s minimum wage will increase by 22 percent in 2022, from MX$141.70 (US$6.66) to MX$172.87 (US$8.13). Read this and more in your weekly roundup!
Uber app
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DiDi, Uber and Rappi could face further regulations in Mexico to improve the working condition of their drivers.
Women engineer at a laboratory
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InsipiraMET has invited female representatives of NASA, Google, Facebook and other companies to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields.
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