Weekly Roundups
Possible reductions in imports of yellow corn and an increase in wheat production in Sonora are among this week’s top news.
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Mexican authorities are trying to restore electricity service after a cold wave hampered natural gas imports from the US.
Corn husk
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GCMA has offered some recommendations on how the government should approach the phasing out of transgenic corn and glyphosate.
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Higher exports and lower imports see balance go over US$10 billion.
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Mexico seeks energy self-sufficiency. However, despite projects like the one in Caverna Salinas, Mexico will increase its dependency on US imports.
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After blueberries, strawberries are now the subject of calls for an investigation into 'unfair trade practices'.
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PEMEX has issued a force majeure to delay gas imports as storage continues spilling over.
In contrast to ten years ago, all the major players for dermal fillers now have a presence in Mexico
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