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This week, Konfio became the newest Mexican company to reach a US$1 billion valuation, while Banxico unveiled new bills and coins to commemorate.
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Mexico recorded a decrease in exports in August as oil exports dropped.
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Mexico increased its exports during July, but its commercial deficit still grew because of an increase in imports.
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Miguel Elizalde, President of ANPACT, warned about the negative environmental impact caused by used heavy vehicles.
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January to June LP gas imports to Mexico have reached 187,000 thousand daily barrels, compared to 91,000 produced by PEMEX.
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The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reports an economic trade surplus in June worth US$762 million for an 86 percent shrinkage.
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Changes in Mexico’s regulatory framework will allow health agencies, such as INSABI, to directly import drugs and supplies for the public sector.
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China wants to develop international trade and investments to strengthen their supply chain in Mexico.
Ana Riquelme Executive Director of AMID
View from the Top
Ana Riquelme
Executive Director
The Mexican Association of Innovative Medical Devices Industries (AMID)
The Mexican Association of Innovative Medical Devices Industries (AMID)
With its significant economic impact, the medical devices sector seeks to strengthen its capabilities and improve care
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