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Industrias Peñoles considers that Epiroc’s investment could transform Mexico into a technological hub for the mining industry
Woman using VR set
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Industrias Peñoles says the implementation of VR is better for younger generations since they are used to interacting with technology.
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Governor Evelyn Salgado recognized the importance of the mining industry as a driver of change for communities around mining projects.
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Analysys Mason sustains that mining, along with the energy and manufacturing sectors will hold 67 percent of investment in private networks.
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The company stated that it has not presented problems due to shortages, but delivery times have impacted its fixed costs.
Person burning bills
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More than 50 percent of COPARMEX’s interviewed companies assured that state authorities tend to be more corrupt.
Clean energy
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According to the companies, their programs helped them be appreciated by federal authorities and sustainability watchdogs.
Open mine
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The global pandemic pushed the price of precious metals to record levels.
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