mexico city, Mexico
Weekly Roundups
Data revealing a slight contraction in unemployment in Mexico took the spotlight this week
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Mexico reduced its unemployment rate in June 2021 but precarious employment increased.
Export cargo containers
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The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reports an economic trade surplus in June worth US$762 million for an 86 percent shrinkage.
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The latest economic forecast for 3Q2021 predicts progress, but experts remain dubious of the impact of COVID-19.
Bull Bear Economy
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Mexico is not expected to meet AMLO’s desired growth by the end of the year and much less the third quarter.
Disability Sign on the Road
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HRW has given several suggestions to INEGI to make the its surveys are more inclusive for people living with disabilities.
Nuevo Leon
Nuevo Leon is a powerful state in terms of manufacturing. What can it do for Mexico´s aerospace sector?
Unemployment in CDMX
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Consistent unemployment in Mexico City may hurt the country’s economic recovery.
Women in the Workforce
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Increasing women’s participation in the workforce would add about US$800 billion to the country’s GDP.
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