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“Viaja Seguro” aims to reactivate Mexico´s travel industry.
Ángel de Lope
Ángel de Lope
General Manager
Kaeser Compresores de México

Our engineering team evaluates each client’s needs to determine the appropriate compressor and system for them. Kaeser Compresores prides itself on its customer service. Our 24-hour support, 365 days a year as an important factor in our success. If a machine breaks down, we can temporarily substitute it so production is not affected. The main benefits we provide customers is access to our large inventory and excellent personnel. As the state continues growing, it will have to address a lack of sufficient personnel. Personnel retention as well as adjusting to new generational needs is of extreme importance as the more facilities you have the less qualified workers are available. There is a fight for good personnel. New facilities are hiring engineers at 15 percent higher salaries or more than their current employees.

To ensure the continuous growth of both sectors, solutions to train and retain these personnel must become a priority
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