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Gino Demeneghi
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Mexico Pavilion at the World Expo Dubai 2020
Global mobility is at a turning point. It has been quickly adopted by anyone wanting to make business more efficient, writes Gino Demeneghi.
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China wants to develop international trade and investments to strengthen their supply chain in Mexico.
Banco de México
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There is no doubt that the Mexican economy experienced a downfall in 1Q20. However, it was not as bad as many expected.
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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Mexico’s exports, which experienced the sharpest fall since August 2009.
Mixed economic results in the Mexican economy
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March and April 2020 economic results have been mixed, with good news in terms of remittances and trade but negative results in terms of consumption.
In March 2020, remittances from the US registered important growth levels
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March 2020 registered a historic influx of remittances to Mexico, as well as historic trade balance results with the US.
Governmental savings
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Rather than reducing spending, experts believe that in times of economic crisis governments should increase spending or incur in debt.
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According to WTO, Mexico is expected to fully recover its export levels in 2021.
Jorge Luis Torres, President of AMCHAM
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Jorge Luis Torres
The US private sector is an essential ally for Mexico's economic growth, with US companies representing 50% of the country's total foreign…
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