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Women gathered around Mexico City’s National Palace to bring down the “Wall of Peace” erected by the government around the building.
Five Women
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How has the pandemic affected Mexico’s automotive industry? Five female leaders share their stories.
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MBN presents the Top 10 women who have played a big part in the development of the technology industry.
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Tecnológico de Monterrey welcomed Dorothy Ruiz-Martinez, Mission Control Center Systems Ops at NASA, to its Women’s Day event.
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Equality at the workplace is still a long road ahead. However, Mexico does have outstanding female leaders in the health sector.
Adriana de Villa
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Adriana de Villa
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March 8 is not a celebration for women because they are women. It’s a commemoration of each small or big achievement in the fight against inequity.
Women’s Health Fight
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8M is International Women’s Day. MBN presents the challenges women face in accessing equal healthcare.
Demonstrators commemorate the International Women's Day and demand results against femicides.
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At least 80,000 demonstrators gathered in Mexico City’s Zocalo to commemorate the International Women's Day and to demand results against…
Feminist March
Weekly Roundups
March 9 will be a day of national strike for Mexican women. An inclusive workforce can lead to rewards. Read this and more in your weekly roundup!
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