Geronimo Martinez, S2G
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Geronimo Martinez
Co-Founder and CEO
S2G Energy
Geronimo Martinez explains S2G Energy’s benefits to customers as a digital energy efficiency player.
Having the means to protect against such unexpected events such as the pandemic will be key to stabilizing the mining sector.
Ricardo Moguel
Expert Contributor
Ricardo Moguel
Country Manager for Mexico, Colombia and Argentina
Digital tools like IoT in medicine and healthcare platforms have become our best allies in the field of medical attention. Ricardo Moguel explains.
Fernando Thompson
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Fernando Thompson
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
From 5G and hyper personalization to streaming and IoT, this year will see new technologies, and some will change your life.
Raymundo Ceja
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Raymundo Ceja
IT Cluster of Zacatecas
Zacatecas is primarily known for its strong mining industry. Can it become a significant player in technology innovation?
ALFONSO BONILLAS IT Solutions, Partner Centric Mining Systems México
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Alfonso Bonillas
Alio IT Solutions, Partner Centric Mining Systems Mexico
Alfonso Bonillas explains how data enhances mining operations.
News Article
SCT is collaborating with Mexico’s aerospace authorities to build the networks that can enable this practice.
Analía Baño
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Analía Baño Dynkowski
Business Development Head
Baufest designs and build technological solutions that allow smarter and faster business decisions with simpler and more secure IT systems.
Hectór Cobo
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Héctor Cobo
Vice President
SAS Mexico, Caribbean and Central America
SAS is assisting e-commerce companies in better inventory management, as well as realtime client profiling.
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