Aimee Boulanger
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Aimee Boulanger
Executive Director
Aimee Boulanger explains IRMA’s rigid standards, helping mine sites to foster social and environmental accountability.
Flor de María Harp
Expert Contributor
Flor de María Harp
Director General
Mexican Geological Survey
It is crucial to have an agency that studies the history and evolution of the Earth's crust. People need to understand the surface on which they…
GUILLERMO GONZÁLEZ BENASSINI Vice President of MMC Metal de Mexico
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Guillermo González Benassini
Vice President
MMC Metal de Mexico
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is a world leader in manufacturing products that prevent wear and tear, mostly using tungsten carbide.
Rodolfo Corona
Geological Research Institute, UNAM
Iron is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust conforming approximately 5.6% of its chemical composition
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