Ixachi plan
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The NOC plans to improve infrastructure at one of its star fields to reduce the amount of gas wasted.
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The NOC has announced a bidding process for the leasing of drilling rigs for two of its best performing fields.
Gas flaring.
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Although PEMEX has committed to reduce its levels of gas flaring, satellite data show a different reality: giant gas flares in Ixachi, Veracruz.
PEMEX at night
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Despite growing production, there is a lingering feeling that PEMEX’s age-old problems remain. What is holding the NOC back?
Jose Luis Lima Franco, Department of Finances and Planning
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José Luis Lima Franco
Ministry of Finance and Planning Veracruz
Our main challenge is to show that we are committed to improving Veracruzan lives.
Oil Field at Night
Weekly Roundups
Another high-level PEMEX employee has been dismissed as part of the expanding Estafa Maestra investigations, while SENER’s Rocío Nahle was forced to…
Juan Javier
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Juan Javier Hinojosa
Director General of PEMEX E&P
Juan Javier Hinojosa has been at PEMEX since 1980. In 1998 he became manager in Analysis and Evaluation of Exploration Investments. He took up his…
bernardo Cardona
Bernardo Cardona
Partner Energy and Resources Industry Leader at Deloitte Consulting Mexico
Since the 2013 Energy Reform, the energy markets have evolved at many levels.
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