Medical Imaging Pushing Technological Boundaries
How does the imaging industry include technological trends into their devices and bring them to patients?
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The invention of a different type of battery by Tokyo-based APB Corp is potentially significant for power producers.
Raúl González
Expert Contributor
Raúl González
Director of Projects and Institutional Relations
Japan External Trade organization (JETRO)
Currently, the commercial relationship between Mexico and Japan is going through one of its best moments, thanks to CPTPP and other trade boosters.
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COFECE moves against SENER at the Supreme Court of Justice. Read this and more in your weekly energy roundup!
Dollars & Buildings
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Countries assure they will continue investing in Mexico and that COVID-19 will not be enough to strip the country’s FDI attractiveness.
View from the Top
Carlos Franyutii
Sales and Marketing Manager of Healthcare Solutions
Canon Mexicana
Carlos Franyutii explains why Canon Medical Systems offers the best diagnosis support for doctors and the benefits behind its technology
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The startup scene in Mexico has begun to consolidate and it is opening opportunities that would normally not be available in Silicon Valley.
Industries Unite Amid COVID-19
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The whole business sector has responded to the crisis, supporting communities and healthcare staff.
Mexico’s “New Normal,” According to the 4T
Weekly Roundups
Mexico rushes to go back to “normal” while still facing the peak in contagion.
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