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Derek Woodhouse
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The short-term auctions are among the big puzzles for next year. The Ministry of Energy already published the capacity market manual, a milestone for the industry, and the next one on our list is the manual for establishing three-year contracts for capacity and electricity, known as short-term auctions. CFE’s subsidiaries are still in the process of putting their structures together but next year they will play an important role in the market. For us, 2016 was a transition year but 2017 will be the actual period where the market is up and running, boosting real competition. We can say without a doubt that next year will be the most interesting period for the Energy Reform. We also expect consultancies and law firms to step up their game, which would make the reform’s implementation more dynamic and faster and would spice up competition.

The Energy Reform has triggered changes across the industry in a short period of time, forcing power companies to react and adapt quickly.
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Many tasks lie ahead to mobilize new investment, develop regulations and institutions but the initial signs are positive
2016 was the year the Mexican energy sector achieved escape velocity from over 70 years of a state monopoly in electricity.
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Mexico energy Forum 2017: Three Pillars to Energy Project Success panel highlights
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