Pablo Martínez Flores
Startup Contributor
Pablo Martínez Flores
CEO and Co-Founder
The long-awaited death of the third-party cookie: Cambrian explosion or mass extinction for the AdTech world?
Karlo Valentin
Expert Contributor
Karlo Valentin Rodriguez
CTO & Co-Founder
The transformation requires guidance and basic steps before making a 360-degree change, explains Karlo Valentin
Pablo Martinez Flores, My English Partners, Klustera
View from the Top
Pablo Martínez Flores
My English Partners
How good would it be to have a platform that helps your employees improve their English through artificial intelligence and remotely?
digital transformation
News Article
Six months into the pandemic, Mexican companies still consider their digital transformation a top priority
Pablo Martínez
Startup Contributor
Pablo Martinez Flores
CEO & Co-Founder
Artificial intelligence and GPT-3 are accommodating our lives and our daily activities. Here is how and why it is important.
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