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AMIA reported an 8 percent decrease in light vehicle sales in July 2022, for a total of 83,317 units.
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Apple CarPlay and photorealistic visualization technology are transforming the user’s experience.
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Modifications on the Economic Complementation Agreements 55 and 6 between both countries aim to increase trade and investment.
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INEGI reports a 0.6 percent increase of light-vehicle production but sales and exports remain down.
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Sales of light vehicles in Mexico dropped 3.9 percent in Feb. 2022.
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Semiconductor shortages and production decline have led to a three-fold increase in new light vehicle thefts.
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Mexico’s light vehicle sales continue to decrease but annual sales are still on track to surpass the slump of 2020.
Auto plant shows production of car doors.
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The worldwide shortage of semiconductors continues to slow down auto part production.
The pandemic’s effects on the supply chain will continue affecting light vehicle production, while EVs keep changing the entire sector.
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