Hans – Joachim Kohlsdorf
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Hans – Joachim Kohlsdorf
Energy to Market
The way to shift paradigms into a bigger and greener future may be to take advantage of these technologies.
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Microsoft will permanently close most of its stores as a result of the pandemic, leaving only four of them as Microsoft Experience Centers
Gucci Collections
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The Italian brand bets on sustainability. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico was the first in the world to present its collections on YouTube.
Luxury items
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The startup operates marketplace of pre-owned fashion items. Users can both sell and buy luxury, pre-owned fashion products, clothes and accessories
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The potential impact of COVID-19 is now a reality in countries with leaders that at first underestimated the pandemic, like the US and the UK.
Futuristic Car by LeeRosario
Weekly Roundups
Pollution and traffic push the limits of car design but also force the government to reform its laws on mobility. Find out more about the upcoming…
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